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Some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright.

Who Am I ?

I received B.Eng. degree from Wuhan University, China in 2013, majoring in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. After graduation, I joined Institute of Deep Learning IDL, Baidu Inc., as a researcher in robotics, autonomous driving. From Feb. 2017, I joined MalongTech as a research scientist.

At the same time, I work as a senior research assistant at school of Data and Computer Science at Sun Yat-sen University.

My research interest broadly spans from computer vision, machine learning, deep learning to robotics, autonomous driving. Specifically, I am currently interested in:

  1. Fashion Clothing related topics, including clothing image tagging, large-scale similar clothing retrieval, fashionable clothing matching, etc.
  2. Visual SLAM, including navigation, large-scale traffic scene understanding, etc.

I maintain Github, LinkIn and GoogleScholar.

My Curriculum Vitae and the easiest way to reach me is my email: yuhanghe@whu.edu.cn or yuhanghe01@gmail.com.


  • I got a paper accepted by AAAI17 Workshop! (Dec. 1)
  • I am currently looking for experts in autonomous driving.
  • Our team DPAI Vision attend ImageNet ILSVRC2016 Challenge!

Honors and awards

  1. Top-4 finisher, the 7th China Intelligent Vehicle Future Challenge. Nov. 2015.
  2. Top-8 finisher, the 5th China Intelligent Vechile Future Challenge. Nov. 2013.
  3. National 2nd place prize, Asia-Pacific College Student Robot Contest (ABU Robocon). June 2013.
  4. Outstanding Winner, Fourth Geoway-Cup Programming Contest. June 2013.
  5. National 2nd place prize, Central China Mathematical Contest in Modelling (CCMCM). July 2012.
  6. Honorable Mention, American Interdisciplinary Contest in Modelling (ICM). April 2012.
  7. National 2nd place prize, China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modelling (CUMCM) Oct. 2011.
  8. Xia Jianbai Scholarship (1/400) Oct. 2011.
  9. Chen Yonglin Scholarship (1/100) Oct. 2012.

About this Blog

Launched in Sept. 2015, this blog is powered by Octopress. I try to maintain the simplicity, originality and technicality of this blog. Frankly, it verbatim record my research life path, and some of my contemplation into life, sciene and cosmos.


As a technical blog, I would inevitably talk about the state of the art technology and scientific achievement that originated by other researchers. Thus, some writings might not reflect originator’s real ideas or thoughts. I apologize for these misrepresentations - my mea culpa. I try to cite their names or publications whenever necessarily. At last, I do not guarantee blog’s correctness, remember it only reflects “my own” thoughts.